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Master Brophy



Master Nigel Brophy has been a practitioner of the martial arts for over  40 years. He began with Judo. Then went on to study in Karate, Kung Fu, Mu Gen Do, Aikido and Jiu Jitsu 3 of these he practiced whilst serving in HM Forces stationed in Germany.

He was fascinated and frustrated by the many contradictions that were present between the styles and after 15 years, took a short time away from the martial arts. He on the advice of his step father turned to another of his passions, working out with weights, and became a qualified Gym Instructor. The studies during his training and his own passion to learn more about the body helped him recognise the wisdom and scientifically based knowledge behind the new style of Choi Kwang Do that he encountered in 1989.

From his first session to the present he has embraced the art and to date has been responsible for the opening of 84 schools throughout the UK since he first began teaching in 1991. He has taught and trained in CKD throughout the British Isles in addition to Argentina, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Russia and the United States.

Mr Ryan Doyle


4th Degree International Instructor and School owner.

Mr Doyle has a deep passion for Choi Kwang Do and concentrates on helping all Surrey CKD students reach their maximum potential.

Miss Georgia Doyle


3rd Degree black belt 

One of the reasons I became an Instructor was to be able to help students grow their confidence and help them achieve what they thought they couldn't 

Mr Peter Barton-Wright


4th Degree International instructor 

Whilst at University I wanted to find an activity that would help offset the typical Uni life. 

Choi Kwang Do developed into more than just an activity and I found myself admiring and appreciating all my instructors.

I wanted to help students reach their goals overcoming any obstacle and thats why I became an instructor.

Ms Lois Paddington


3rd Degree Black belt

I started Choi Kwang Do initially to try something new. early on I could see the benefits of CKD and the little impact it took on my injured knee. through performing CKD my knee became less painful.

Mr Daniel Croydon


3rd Degree Black belt

What drew me to Choi Kwang Do was the health benefits. You can perform the techniques to a very high level with minimum long term effects. 

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